NMAM 2017

2017 promises to be an eventful year and many thanks to those who've already submitted!   In most cases we're able to post your event within 12 hours after receiving your email.

Please follow some simple guidelines:

  • Your submissions MUST include the website URL to your event.  We are not able to host flyers or brochures.

  • Your submission should be festive, free or military discounted, and targeting our military and veterans during the month of May.

We reserve the right to edit and reject some submissions. 

Some offers we won't post are:

  • Buy To Donate Campaigns:  Whereas customers have to purchase something and some vague portion of their purchase is donated in the name of the business.   These are profit driven sales campaigns; not true donations.  In some cases, the donation is never made.

  • Active Duty Only Campaigns:  We appreciate your thoughtfulness but you forgot our veterans and their families who have served.  Please include all military and veterans in your offer.

  • Information Gathering Campaigns:  Where the military or veteran is required to give up personal information to receive the offer.  Showing a valid military ID should be the only requirement.

  • Year Round Events:  We truly appreciate your gratitude to our military, veterans and their families who've served but our focus is to highlight special events during National Military Appreciation Month!


Contact By Mail/Phone:

Duncan Munro, MSgt USAF (Ret)
Director of Brand
National Military Appreciation Month

PO BOX 123, BENA, VA 23018-0123
650.336.8676 (Message Central)
Celebrating Americas Warriors of Freedom
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