National Military Appreciation Month 2016


Public Service Announcements


  • Invite local service members (active, guard, reserve, or retired) to speak at your class, school or university. 

  • Study the contributions made by the military to American history.

  • Invite local officials, distinguished military alumni, and veteran faculty members to speak.

  • Students can do reading of well-known patriotic addresses by an American President or military hero.

  • Select essays from class or school-wide competitions.

  • Send notes and cards to hospitalized veterans or those living in veteran homes.

  • Create a large poster signed by all students – send to nearest VA medical center.

  • Schedule field trips to military points of interest, memorials & museums.

  • Feature stories by veterans in school publications.

  • School libraries can prepare lists of recommended military related reading material and present displays.

  • Study the history of our "Pledge of Allegiance", National Anthem and Flag.

  • Perform appropriate selections by school music department.

  • Ask student council or ROTC to Post the Colors at assemblies, and raise flag on the school flagpole.

  • Ask local veterans service organizations to participate in school events.

  • School principal or student body presidents invite audience to stand and join in Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem during May.  


  • Ask active, reserve or retired service members to serve as greeters, ushers and lay leader during services.

  • Ask veterans to wear their uniforms to a service.

  • Pray for our country, those who lead it and those who serve it.

  • Direct sermon content to some aspect of America, Armed Forces or peace.

  • Add Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem, and God Bless America to services.

  • Display both American flag and POW/MIA flag from May 1 through Flag Day June 14.

  • In weekly church bulletin list name, rank, and organization of family and friends serving in military.


  • Highlight American military history with suggested reading materials.

  • Display book jackets of military reading materials.

  • “Lessons in Liberty” initiated by President Bush encourages schools to invite veterans to speak about their experiences.

  • Prepare lists of recommended reading materials.

  • Display historical military artifacts: uniforms, photos, & insignias.

  • Visit Veterans hospitals.
  • Review and practice flag protocol.
  • Scouting organizations can earn badges on flag protocol.
  • Local Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary, Shriner and Elks clubs, Masons & Soroptimist International - honor our military; invite to meetings.
  • See a veteran or active duty – shake their hand and say “Thanks”.
  • Ask businesses, libraries, schools and your organization to participate – show them this list of ideas.
  • Place NMAM banners to your website (See links page).


  • Offer specials, incentives, and discounts to active and retired military ID Card holders.
  • Offer special discounts to the public in honor of NMAM.
  • Display the Flag and POW/MIA flag during May through June 14, Flag Day.
  • Interview military personnel for in-house newsletters.
  • Recognize veteran and/or active duty employees and their families.
  • Offer bumper stickers, flags, pins and ribbons for employees and customers.
  • Make use of Chamber of Commerce, city business committees, and organizations – get them to participate.
  • Recite Pledge of Allegiance before meetings.
  • Decorate with patriot themes.
  • Luncheons to honor employed Guard, Reservists and Retirees.
  • Use military themes during meetings.
  • Display large banners at employee entrances to reflect pride and thanks for employees called to active duty.
  • Place NMAM banners to your website, flyers newspaper ads and inserts (See links page).
  • Contribute to the Armed Forces Children's Education Fund, Inc.
  • Seek media recognition regarding your NMAM events – Let others know what you are doing.


  • Announce NMAM at meetings and roll call.
  • Ask for volunteers to visit schools and VA hospitals.
  • Offer to participate in civic events – encourage it.
  • Wear the uniform to worship services and to ceremonies.
  • Contact State & local officials – encourage proclamations and their participation.
  • Contact your libraries & museums suggesting recognition through reading material and displays.
  • Urge your community to fly the flag from May 1 through Flag Day June 14.
  • Contact the media – offer personal stories & encourage their participation as below


  • Remind readers, listeners and viewers of National Military Appreciation Month.
  • Play songs with patriotic themes - possible "guess that song" contest!
  • Perform a "military trivia question each day" or "today in military history" and have listeners call in.  Coordinate with local retailers who may be willing to donate prizes in support of NMAM.
  • Invite local military to discuss their experiences in the military.
  • Add NMAM banners to your website (See links page or contact the webmaster for custom size banners).
  • Conduct live interviews with NMAM organizers, elected officials, Governor, Senators or  Representatives.
  • Project crawls, scrolling, and banners on screen.
  • Use Public Service Announcements from our newsroom.
  • Display the flag as a banner on your website.
  • Remember to mention POW/MIA's and Rolling Thunder on Memorial Day.
  • Promote The Armed Forces Children's Education Fund, Inc.


  • Local Mayors can issue a Military Appreciation Month proclamation. See Example.
  • Invite service members and veterans to council meetings.
  • Encourage businesses and all citizens to participate in Military Appreciation Month and to fly the flag from May 1 through Flag Day June 14.


Celebrating Americas Warriors of Freedom
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