National Military Appreciation Month 2016

National Military Appreciation Month Supporters - 2016

We are 100% volunteer and do not accept any donations or monetary support.  All time and funding for this site are out of pocket expenses in support of our military, veterans and their families.

Send us the link to your website showing how you're supporting our military & veterans during National Military Appreciation Month!  Your site must clearly identify your event is supporting "National Military Appreciation Month" and displays one of our NMAM Banners, one we've created for you or approved one you've designed yourself.





Here are some tips to consider based on historical feedback.
Military discounts that target all active, reserve, guard, retired and their family members.   We've noted some business target only active duty and neglect veterans who have honorably served.

Direct donations targeting a specific military or veterans support non-profit organization.  If you're going to make a donation - then do so!  And let the world know who's the recipient!  Let your actions speak your gratitude to our military and veterans!
Free Stuff!  We all love free stuff - from treats to trinkets that are given without strings attached!  Freedom is never free but your gift to our military and veterans shows your gratitude for their service.
Buy to Donate.  A promotion that takes the customers money and donates it in the name of the business.  Usually the customer is required to purchase some item and a vague "portion" of the purchase is donated in the name of the business.  These are profit driven sales campaigns, not true donations. We don't see these very much as most people have caught on how absurd they are but they do pop up once in a while. 

Information Gathering Campaigns. Promotions that require the military member to disclose personal information to receive discount coupons or other offers.  Presenting a military I.D. should be sufficient. 

Military Rebates - As one viewer coined it - "Its like buying your discount."
Celebrating Americas Warriors of Freedom
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